TS5beta Server Icons ISSUE + FIX (workaround)

So, i guess lots of people have issues uploading server icons to the server with ts5beta.
I have a solution for that (a little workaround) and a bug that has to be fixed in the client too…

how can u upload them PNG files?
well, it seems that tserver accepts GIF files only, but the file-dialog shows PNG by default.
So you have to make your servericons in GIF format, then in the file dialog change it filter to . (all files), and select your gif to upload. I use 100px gifs btw, in case u wondering, and alpha channel is correctly handled.

so the stranger thing is that when you later on go check in your server filedirectory (not the client file browser, but actual files where your server runs from), you’ll find the icons being stored as PNG files, while their content is still GIF, so there is a bug in the server/client.

solutions for the devteam? → either implement PNG correctly OR just change the interface and backend to use gif files instead of unsupported png filehandling… (i’m not a dev, but i think this would help a lot of server owners trying to upload icons and not struggling…)

Uploading icons to the server works fine with PNGs as well as SVGs.

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