TTeamSpeak 5 Beta Badge

I haven’t received my Teamspeak 5 beta badge yet, I’ve been waiting for months, please give it now

Have you registered for closed beta testing? Without registration, you will not get a badge and access to teamspeak 5. Here is the registration link

The second option. If you have Windows 11 installed, you can download Teamspeak from the microsoft store Closed beta access

Yes he can. but will still require closed beta access to unlock the global chat features. :slight_smile:

I applied and have been waiting for a badge for months

Have you checked your myTeamSpeak account, if you have already received the Test Badge (Testing_16)?

Also, if you don’t have it, make sure it says on that you are on the waiting list.


You are on the waiting list. You need to wait for the next wave until you can use the beta client. Otherwise you can sometimes look up on Twitter for Teamspeak ( for Key Giveaways

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