Ubuntu 64bit TS3 Numpad dont work

In Teamspeak 3 Client(3.5.6) my Numpad/Keypad don´t work anymore correct.

TS3 recognized Numbers on Keypad with alternative Layout Keypad Left Up Down Right…
Only with holding Shift + Number on Keypad the correct number is used.
The Problem is only within Teamspeak 3, in TS5 and all other Programms it is working correct.
Except the Keypad, Keys like ^ ´ etc dont work either in TS3 anymore.

I have tested many things:

  1. Uninstall and Install TS3 -> no change of behavior
  2. Uninstall, delete all TS3 relating files, Reboot and Install -> no change of behavior
  3. Option 2 with reconfigure Keyboard Layout -> no change of behavior.
  4. Used Windows TS3 Client -> Works correct
  5. Used Windows TS3 Client under Wine -> Works correct
  6. Option 2 with Install another TS3 Version -> no change of behavior
  7. Used another Linux PC -> Works correct
  8. Used an Linux Live -> Works correct
  9. Used another Keyboard -> no change of behavior
  10. Record Makro with Numbers from Keypad and use Makro for insert -> no change of behavior
  11. Create a new User and test with the new account, -> same behavior
  12. Use older Versions -> same behavior
  13. Use other Keyboardlayouts and locales -> same behavior
    I think that TS3 dont take the Keycodes from the Keys anymore, because the recorded makro with Keypad dont insert anything.
    I don´t know why it´s happening, the Problem comes within a TS3 Session and don´t go away.

The Interesting thing is, that this behavior is only at this Ubuntu Installation, in all other OS´s i have it works exectly the opposit, hold shift plus numkey to use the KeyLeft function´s.

I don´t know what else i can try.

If i have forgot anything please ask.


Hey p41241101d

try this, and see if it could help

Preference >accessibility > Mouse: “Control the Pointer using keypad” Turn it off

Cheers :beers:

Hi, thanks for your idea, i tryed it, it´s already off, i have turned it on and then off to check.
It didn´t change the behavior of the numpad in teamspeak. i think, after checking all config files related to keyboard i will reinstall the System when i don´t find the reason.


would probably be the best idea, for me it sounds like caps lock is permanent on,
but i dont think in your case it is. And you already tried almost every possible way to fix it.

Hey, I am currently on Manjaro and I have exact same problem. I had this too on PopOS and Ubuntu. When pressing numbers on numpad nothing happens. Numpad behaves like arrows. With 4,8,5,6 numbers I can move my cursor in text. If I want to write numbers I need to press shift+number. I think there is some problem in QT framework.