Updates, comunity and communication*


…it’s been a while, did you fall asleep?

…Sorry to wake you but…

…here’s a thing about communication, generally informing your userbase and actually replying to topics that may or may not be of relevance.


  1. You’ve gone this far, you are a beloved company that, even in this demographic and stage gets continuous users. If you are trying to push out a new product - this being TS5 - you kinda need to give feedback on bugreports, upcoming things and give people a heads up. No, roadmap forum is NOT a thing. Git? Come on, we know you use that anyway. Might aswell switch it on for beta users.

  2. Don’t try to be Niantic you’re not alone in the VOiP game.

  3. Talk to your community of hardcore users. People that are on Teamspeak 24/7. Ya know we might be of help if you need it.

  4. Stop this corporate american style bullshit. Ever since you’ve moved your sales to some random company you can’t communicate well.

Sorry for the german:

Kommt ma runter, und zurueck zu dem was ihr mal wart. Wuerden sich echt viele drueber freuen und drauf stolz sein.

Get off your high horse, get back to what you were. Lot’s of people would really appreciate that.

  • Zumal gruesse ich nebensaechlich unsern werten enlightened hier.

- Also greetings to our friendly neighborhood enlightened player :wink:

*Disclaimer: this post may be updated along the way.


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