Uploading client icons trough the TeamSpeak Query

Hey everyone,

I got a question. I’m searching for a solution to upload custom client icons through the query for a Client.
I reviewed the query docs but I didn’t find a proper solution to do that. I wrote a simple query API in Java to provide some TeamSpeak features Ingame e.g. moving clients etc. So I want to be able to set them custom icons. Any clue how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

An upload to channel id 0 should work.
The Icon ID must be greater than 999 and the cpw= parameter must be entered!
And for best compatibility you use the file size (CRC 32) for the number in the name parameter.

Here is an example command:

ftinitupload clientftfid={clientFileTransferID} name=\ /icon_25269633 cid=0 cpw= size=732 overwrite=1 resume=0

You must remove the space between the \ / . The forum cuts the \ off when followed by a /


Okay so when I request the upload init i will need to open a connection to the fileupload port is that right? And how do I get the clientftfid? And the size is the size of the file in kb or isnt it?

The size is in Bytes and you decide which ID it is.

Updated the command a bit. name missed \ / part.


Thanks a lot i will try this.