Useless spamming error from one permission

We have server where our bot automatically created channels with permission (i_channel_needed_subscribe_power 75) about 50 channels are created per minute. When clients are in channels and later the bot creates new channels with perm i_channel_needed_subscribe_power 75, users get errors “insufficient client permissions (failed on i_channel_needed_subscribe_power)” this error is spammed in large numbers. Such spam errors make it impossible for our users to play. Is there a way to get rid of this without removing restrictions on subscription???

It’s not spammed it’s printed every time you create channel a user can not subscribe (why ever you do it with 50 in a minute) . The client automatically subscribes a channel by default channel and if it fails because a permission does not match it will print that it failed and why it failed.

The only way not to trigger is to set the permission after the creation or the user itself turns off in client to subscribe new channels.


sounds like a crutch. I hope in the future this system will improve, but thanks. We abandoned this idea