'virtualserver limit reached' because of bot


i tried to connect my telegram bot to teamspeak.
It works, but because of a fail async function I get banned from myself.
Now I get:

triggerUncaughtException(err, true /* fromPromise */);

ResponseError: virtualserver limit reached
id: ‘2816’,
msg: ‘virtualserver limit reached’,
extraMsg: undefined,
failedPermid: undefined

But I have only 1 server running. Whats now? :confused:

And without a license you can not run a second server.

You need to get a license or stop trying to create a second server.

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I dont create a second server…
It was a syntax error with my bot :wink:

I wrote you, because someone controls this bot.

The bot tried to start or create a new server and the license doesn’t allow this.

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