Weird lost of connection / Cannot connect

i have a problem with my Teamspeak 3 client for some time now, which is annoying me more and more.
I am almost exclusively on my own server, 32 slots / no license / not in my own network.
So I connect as usual by address (SRV domain entry), everything works, but after a few hours the client simply loses the connection and can’t reestablish it until I restart teamspeak.
Because I am using a domain, I suspected something DNS related and used the IP and port instead.
After a few hours and regularly again: Same error.


That a DNS request can’t be resolved, ok, it happens; but the programme can’t tell me that it can’t resolve an IP address! It has the destination address and does not have to resolve anything. The server is there as well, I can also maintain a SSH connection in parallel, which in my opinion eliminates normal connection problems…

Maybe someone knows the problem and has an idea how I can solve it. Often it occurs perfectly during matches and it is counterproductive in a team-based game to have no communication.
FYI: My friends, who also use the server, do not have this problem. That is the only thing that makes me doubt whether the problem lies elsewhere. I can’t think of anything else I could do, so I am writing here now…

I’d also like to post the error message here; unfortunately the client takes the error message with it when restarting and the log function (Ctrl + L) was unhelpful.

Thank you very much in advance, if theres anything you need to know, just ask - i will try my best to answer!

Check this :slight_smile:

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Thank you, unfortunately I did not get much further with the article.

Nevertheless, four days ago Teamspeak found an update, I installed it. Since then the problem seems to be gone, I’ve been connected to the server for over 3 days.
I’m keeping an eye on it, but guess the problem is fixed now. Thanks

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