What is the status for next beta client?

I should add, I stalked a few admin profiles. It says they have been online. They have days online. They don’t post. So it is clear they’re reading. No Man’s Sky?

I recommend watching the whole video, but who has time for that. This is the part I wanted to share. Watch from about 38:20 to 42:20 … LOL… It reminds me of what teamspeak is doing and we’re all pissed. But if in a month ( I know it’s not gonna happen) they update with crazy new things, we’d all be shocked.

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I agree with you on many points but, I don’t think that if there were permanent chats, teamspeak 3 would no longer be supported by the server. It would simply be a new feature for TS5, not TS3. That new stuff can be added on the server is already shown with the channel banners. Nevertheless the system would require a new client group, i.e. one in addition to clients and queries, where there is no client limit, for the permanent chat connections to the corresponding perm chat channels.

@Donaramu Awesome video I really hope that’s the case, my only fear is that HG had millions of dollars, while TeamSpeak according to someone chart data seems to be struggling with money? But it is weird to just go completely silent, so hopefully they are trying to do some overhaul in the shadows. Problem with this area compared to games is that people built a loyalty to a platform so many might not leave discord if they spent X amount already in it and time really is their enemy in this case. They would have to release mind blowing features that discord doesn’t have already to gain players back.

Also the most I think we hit on our TS was probably 133, before that we had days where we would hit 100-110 but 90 would be the norm. Our complaints against player are generally low, we had about 4 in May which is high, Generally it’s usually 0-1 a month.

First of all: Text chat is a core feature of TeamSpeak, the channel banner is certainly not.

It doesn’t hurt that channel banners are not shown in TeamSpeak 3, especially since the majority of server owners is still on TeamSpeak 3 and therefore likely implement channel banners via channel descriptions anyway.

Regarding the “new” chat you are proposing:

Do you really expect a for-profit company with only a few employees only some of which are actual software developers to maintain two concurrent chat systems on the server side, one of which is considered deprecated once the new client generation becomes the standard?

I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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Text chat was never a core feature of Teamspeak, it was a means to share youtube links, nothing more. The core feature of TeamSpeak is in the name and it is called VoIP. ALL new features will not be integrated into TS3, the TeamSpeak Services group chat will not be integrated and no other new feature will be integrated.
How TeamSpeak will evolve is not up for debate, it’s just a request from me. That it was born out of the idea that you can chat with your friends with your TSIDs independent of the server, I think everyone can understand. But in the end, teamspeak advertises with “Your Server, Your Rules” and this system is just not compatible with it. And that’s why I think there should be a server-side permanent chat, just like Discord has one. No matter if you are connected to the TeamSpeak Services, because those are my server rules.

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damn I’m so worried about TeamSpeak right now…
may we can get an new status update for (as example) a new update?


Same! Just want a sign of life


After talking at our meeting we might just be moving to Discord after hearing yesterday about their community support which was just released the other day - https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047132851 so consider their silent blunder another 60-90 TS community possibly lost.

Maybe they are planning to do a big surprise but the thing is, we’ve been waiting, year after year, how long did we wait during the whole puzzles they did, there’s just been too much waiting, and now they plan to make us wait more in silence with (hopefully) a big surprise like No mans sky? It’s just too much waiting even No Mans Sky went silent for just 100 days…

We’ll first set everything up then see how our community feels on the switch and if the majority are happy with it we’ll take that leap. Maybe someday TS will make that surprise update but it would sure make life easier no longer having to wait for Teamspeak to come out.


The whole thing feels weird. I am not mad. Just disappointed. A helpless feeling. Knowing I don’t wanna do something I feel like I am being forced to do… Kind of like when xifre closed down. I didn’t use xfire for a long time, but when I found out it was closed down and I didn’t log on or check out my old screenshots from 10-15 years before, a weird and sad feeling.

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I agree it does feel weird, I’m sure in time i’d get use it to, but TS IMO still feels like home and probably always will. I would say if your guys are really wanting one, have them set one up as best as they can with bots, boost it up to level 1 or even 2 etc and present it to you and see how it goes and if you aren’t someone who rules with an iron fist then just let the majority vote I guess, have your staff get a feel for it and see how each one feels after getting use to it.

One plus thing I can see (which makes me sad/mad) is that a server booted to level 1 the voice quality is on par if not better than TS, and boosted to level 2 to its far better… which is just a slap in the face given TS should have been always the best quality, I thought I was crazy but we just played with the Opus voice and music and went back and yeah it’s more clear on Discord Level 2 easily… Teamspeak has become Steven Seagal in all ways shape and form being once a bad azz now a lazy fat man… I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of Discord but having our staff show me stuff on it I can’t deny it does have some pretty good features, something TS Should have already…

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I dont want to change your decision but please don‘t decide something because you are angry at the moment. I would wait to the next update and if they do not change something with their communication you can always switch. We all know the situation but we should give them a chance too. Because first on Twitter was said that something is coming and second there is a new executive director which could change a lot. Please just think of it.


@MythicalLars It’s not up to me, I’ve never ran our community with an iron fist since i’ve taken over in 2016 it will pretty much come down to how the majority feel, and honestly I think our main playerbase don’t care what they use while there is a slice of players who would much prefer discord giving it the edge in a switch.

TS5 was announced what 2017? This is the progress they have to show? I think back to seeing it on their download page, how long we waited constantly checking that page, to then seeing the puzzles, and finally some images, to finally a trailer, to finally getting a key and downloading it, and it’s not even in a good enough shape to use being stripped down, what the heck were they doing that whole time? I would love to say it’s just me being picky (like how some give up on EA games) but everyone i know who has a key, is using TS3. They gave us the roadmap on Trello, great. One of the things for Next up is the web client, looking at everything else in the list tho, it’s pretty lack luster. Given their current speed, and from the looks above their lack of funding and size of team, it’s going to be a very very very long time to get this on par with current discord, and by then Discord will probably be leap years ahead of TS making TS feel even more obsolete. It’s frustrating, it really is, to support a VOIP program for almost two decades and this is how they treat you… I hate Discord, but I hate being disrespected even more by Teamspeaks constant silent treatment or subpar responses. There is absolutely NOTHING to get excited about - and if I can’t get excited over TS, how can I get 17 years worth of members to get excited? You do fun things like this at Gamescom https://youtu.be/iVzJl1j_Urk but then when it comes down to business you guys are a no show, it’s like you still think it’s 2014 or something. It’s very tiring, and I’m just one person with a community, every week you are probably losing a dozen more, and if you do decide to pull a No mans sky type of thing, think about it like this… Imagine if No mans sky waited 100 days they finally annoucne an update, only Star Citizen was already fully out, nobody would care about No mans Sky at that point aside from lower end computers, that’s pretty much what your doing, Discord is Star Citizen.


Yes, sure. I totally understand your problem (I have the same too) but I just wanted to say that we should give them one (more) chance. At the moment, we can‘t say what the surprise is and maybe the new executive director can change something. So I would say we all can wait for the next big announcement before we decide something which stays for a long while. It‘s a very hard work to move a community to another platform so I would not do this without waiting just a little bit.


Same boat. I am not a dictator. I work for my community.

Holy crap… Am I understanding the boost prices right? Looks like they’re robbing people to me. Maybe not really robbing. But here, have a free ■■■■ server. Or you can be ripped for a good server.


level 1= 2 boosts at $5
level 2= 15 boosts at $5
level 3= 30 boosts at $5boost scam


Looks to me like you don’t understand how a business functions.
Also… maybe look at TS license prices. Which one seems better to you?



This is my understanding from talking with our guys and what I’ve witnessed myself. With our current TS bots we use now, we would save X money and can be used towards a level 2 boost. Putting that aside, we have members that would have no problem getting us to level 2 each month, BUT even without level 2, level one is easy to get to for very little money, which gives you better or on par TS quality (close enough to where you’ll pretty much hear the same).

That Level 3, is for rich people, I don’t think nobody would never pay for this unless they have a huge discord community with many nitro users but from my understanding most don’t try to reach level 3, what they do is they try to reach partnership or something like that with discord and if they get it, they get access to pretty much level 3 quality on their discord server without spending a dime.

If you want to test a Level 2 quality server you can try ours which our guys are still setting up but you can always come in and test the voice quality and compare to TS yourself.

How Discord surpassed TS in quality is an outright shame to Teamspeak because you already pay for your server, that was one of the big benefits of using Teamspeak which was that you were getting the highest quality voice, but now that their competitor offers this system, it makes TS feel even less special, and TS even advertise on their trailer for the new TS that it has even better audio but how long are we to wait for this now? On the trailer they don’t even show better audio it’s just a random image thrown in.

"TeamSpeak’s maximum quality is already around 100 kbps VBR. Nominal bitrate of Opus at quality level 10 is 79.2 kbps net and 97.2 kbps including overhead (97.2 kbps is what you already saw in the channel info). VBR corridor is ±7% so TeamSpeak will exceed 100 kbps in gross.

7.71 KiB = 64kbps
11.87 KiB = 97Kbps "

If that is true, then I see it like this (and correct me if I’m wrong)

Teamspeak = 100 kpbs
Level 1 Boost = 128kbs
Level 2 Boost = 256kbps
Level 3 Boost = 384kbps

That’s just audio quality, even at level 2 you get 1080p 60fps Go Live streams so you can watch your friends screen in high quality, how long before Teamspeak would offer such a thing? Probably never. So Teamspeak is supposed to be the King of Audio, yet even in this category now their getting slapped around. I hope they read my posts, and finally wake up, speak up, sell Teamspeak to some other company that can actually give it life, or make a new VOIP and say “from the makers from Teamspeak we present to you…”

Currently now I’m baffled, Teamspeak needs to give us a reason for staying, and saying Teamspeak offers the best quality voice now would be a lie. Discord seems to be King in nearly all categories now yet they are still bettering themselves by listening to feedback from their fans even tho they have no need to and yet here is Teamspeak remaining quiet, losing followers each day. How am I supposed to recruit players to our community now if I can’t even say Teamspeak offers the highest voice quality, how am I supposed to convince players to use a 10 yr old VOIP over something new that requires far less effort for players to join in. For so long we had hoped for TS to just have the frigging web client and we still don’t have this, and now that we see Discord offering Community support, what Community support would Teamspeak give back to us? What features do I see that I can say would be worth the wait?

I leave you with this Teamspeak:


So you finally decided to leave teamspeak :frowning:

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Not liking the pricing for boost levels= I don’t understand? Childish. You would have been better off to just leave it at the " license prices" part. Thanks.

Boost level 2= $75 a month. I pay far less than that. TS has dropped the ball. But I don’t think it’s a fair vs. When ts5 is out. I will judge based on that. For now, I just judge them for not keeping us in the loop. In the end, companies like discord take far more. They take your freedom. Pretty sure you’re a American. You can see how much of the world is losing theirs. You should wanna do everything you can to keep it.

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