When Will Features Come to TeamSpeak

Over the course of the last 3 - 4, or so years of development there have not been any features added to the new client. Features such as the ones mentioned on the Trello board. You came out with the Matrix portion of chat which was really cool. But, so far it has just been fixes with very few additions of minor elements.

Why can you not work on fixes and features in tandem? It’s certainly possible from a development perspective, no need for a large team otherwise.

This is a beta yet no new features have been added to this “beta” if you can call it that. Are we simply testing fixes for the beta?

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So first of all the beta is not even 2 years old and secondly, new features (like the remote apps for example) are added to the client, but fixes are more frequent and important. Sure you can add more features and fix less bugs instead, but does that make the client worthwhile?

If you look at the changes in the client, you can see that the TeamSpeak team is doing this, but you can’t keep bringing new features without testing them sufficiently first.

The TeamSpeak community is not only there to test fixes, but to test the client, give feedback and also make suggestions for new features.

Just be patient. The TeamSpeak development team consists of only a few developers, but they do a great job.


Ah yes, right, the beta was announced in Spring 2018 and was promised in Q4 2018, only to be released in Q2 2019.

It’s a beta, features should be added in tandem with fixes. Since this is beta, fixing issues shouldn’t be top priority. Not to mention this is a closed beta, so features should be implemented before an open beta, where fixes take place before launch.

I understand where you are coming from; however, I wouldn’t be so quick to defend TeamSpeak, they made many users leave the platform due to their poor communication, so they should be the ones to explain their development path.

Teamspeak 5 is a replacement for Teamspeak 3 so that you have all the features that you are used to have as before.
(Some will not come back but thats not relevant)

Why should Teamspeak release a Client which has 10% of Features (as TS3), so they can work on “exclusive” Features.

So the best way is to port all (at least the features that are planed to come back) features over to TS5, say that TS3 will not be supported with new features.

They developement is slow yes, but thats how developement work. You need to test the updates before you can relese them to the beta. From personal interactions I know that the Team is working hard and is doing a great job to make TS5 as good as possible.

And you should not forget that the Team is small compared to other companies.