Where is SCP?

Hello,My question is what happend with Scp the Teamspeak Admin?


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Please stop tagging me.



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As it seems TS staff is avoiding this question, as they closed the last thread with this question unanswered…

Please don’t make poor managing decisions the reason TeamSpeak dies…

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You’re speculating on someone’s personal life, we have no idea what’s happened. Be patient and let them say in their own time.

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Sad to know this.
TeamSpeak disappointing me more and more each month…
Good times are going out.


We don’t know anything, there’s nothing to be disappointed about yet.

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Someone from TeamSpeak said that ScP left the company - not as developer, administrator but as CTO I guess. Try to contact himself, if you got any other questions here. He should say what he want to say - that’s pretty much everything which was given.


There are many reasons why someone leaves a company, it’s up to them if they want to give any information as to why they left and they shouldn’t be chased up for information about it.


@csshen ScP is a Ex-employee of Teamspeak Systems GmbH. He run his own Project Planet TeamSpeak and still does some Webdesigns for TeamSpeak Systems.

Maybe he’ll be back at TeamSpeak Systems. :slight_smile:

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