Whisper to a channel

Is there a way to whisper to a channel?

I want to be able to whisper to multiple channels.


When i hit the ‘V’ key to speak, i get the following message

No whisper target found

Here is my current test server and configuration.

Hi, the Message “No Whisper target found” occures if you don’t have a valid target , “client” to whisper one.

I am not trying to whisper to a client. I am trying to whisper to an entire channel.

If i try to change the configuration a little, i get the same error. Also, red icons show up next to the desired channels.

It says no whisper target found because there are no other users in any channel.
If someone connects then you won’t get that error.

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You can’t whisper to a channel if there is no client in it.

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ok, thank you

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