1. Not intuitive buttons to mute the microphone, turn off the speakers, you have to constantly look for them, I would suggest changing their location.
  2. One click mutes the microphone and turns off the speakers on all servers, it would be better if this happens only on the currently selected server.
  3. In going away you can’t set the text, what we are going to do or for how much we will be.
  4. BBCode does not always work, it’s about setting the size and color of the text in the channel descriptions.
  5. No notification sound from poke on muted speakers, it would be better for the pokes to be displayed in the dialog window instead of chat with text like on ts3.
  6. Can’t set avatar image on servers (or I can’t find this option).

This is only my opinion, but i think a lot of people will agree with me. Best regards.

  1. There is possibility that it we will be able to change it once customization will be added.
  2. It is implemented, but not explained anywhere in Client. Use I believe Alt + Click to do this.
  3. Just need to wait (I think).
  4. BBCode in going out of favor as TS5 uses Markdown. In my opinoin we should be able to use HTML as well, just like on forum.
  5. Just like point 3.
  6. Yeah, this is annoying. Using TS3 to do this sucks, but just wait.
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Settings ~> Notifications ~> Messaging, You received a message ~> Right Click, Show advanced.

TeamSpeak 5 Is currently using (or should be using) your myTeamSpeak Avatar.

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unfortunately it’s just like _ニャー_3 says

and many thanks for help with sounds :facepunch:

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Server List

Add a server list on the new teamspeak. A server owner could choose to advertise their server on teamspeak main screen, users can easily find a public server instead of searching on google or Ts3Index.



It’s already in the roadmap Server Discoverability System


Can we please get a standalone system to implement ideas for a wishlist and feedback for the current beta? This thread has gotten cluttered with unrelated posts that carry discussions, so it’s hard for users to find and vote for valid features.

It would be nice to be able to import own designs, maybe even add a design creator tool?

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I would suggest that you add a broadcast function in the new team peak with which you can send the same message to several chats, for example you select all the people from whom you want to send a message and then write a message that is sent to all selected chats, so not like a group but as I just described it.

~ Chaospilzz

Find client in channel tree NEED to be added :smirk_cat:

I’m only waiting for a couple of things. :thinking:

1 - At the click of a button, collapse all channels and child channels
2 - When minimizing the client so that it sends to the tray

I already wrote about these things on January 23

How do we feel about text only channels creatable on servers, in a similar way to Discord/Slack/IRC platforms? Not sure if this has been suggested already, but I’m not seeing it in the roadmap?

Well you could simply use the global chat system w/o a server. Those are text only.

Text channels specific to servers are needed, for those who are required on the server but cannot voice chat, or want to participate in discussion but don’t necessarily want to voice chat.

Small servers would get away with a single text channel, for the purpose of posting memes, links, pictures, announcements, etc. Larger ones may want to separate different chat, for example “all memes in the memes channel” and “all people looking for help ask in the help channel” sort of thing.

I’m not suggesting that TS should have as high a priority on text chat as Discord, but there are some clear benefits to supporting people’s needs/wants to use text chat

Suggested multiple times; a lot of people doesn’t want that as much, mainly because it’s TeamSpeak, not TeamWrite or TeamType, yatta yatta yatta, overall no because no and no…

…even if this might be good feature.

Also, before posting something, it’s good to search if this wasn’t suggested before.

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Giving all the chats (server, channel and private) the ability to support modern features like pasting a picture and sending it is still something most people I use TS with are tired of not having. We always have to switch to another program like Steam to do that. We often share quick screenshots of different fails that happen when we play together or other stuff and it´s just bad that you can´t use these specific chats for that.

A lot of my friends I actively play with are only online on the specific launcher if it´s needed to play the game but are always in TS so it really does suck to start up another software just to share some quick screenshots.

And no, creating a group or using myTS chat is not the solution because it´s always more than one friend but not always the same. You would have to create a group each time you start playing with the people from your channel or add them to the group if they join or remove them when they leave.

TL;DR: Add modern chat features like pasting a picture from the clipboard and sending it to server, channel and private chats.


Yeah, it’s been mentioned before (Wishlist). This thread should only be for voted suggestions.


Can you make a voting system similar to https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/topics as it would make it more organized and users can comment without deterring from the suggestions.

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Your first sentence straight up contradicts itself. Clearly a bunch of people want said feature. And it is a legitimate thing that could be put on the wishlist. Not only because a lot of other similar clients support a feature like it. (e.g. Slack, Steam now even, and Discord). Maybe it could be a supported feature down the line. Maybe some people need to stop living in the past.

All the topics that suggest the feature get instantly attacked by the same people with the same exact reasoning but there are no actual valid reasons why supporting text only channels is the absolute deamon.

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Yeah, it might look like this, but back when this was proposed for first/second time, roughly ~50% of people wanted it and the rest wasn’t interested.

Maybe it has changed from back when.

Sorry if this sounded like it’s bad idea (which it’s not), but I only wanted to put up that this was suggested and somewhat argued, whether it’s good or not. Multiple times…

…because people forget about search function :smiley:

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Well, I did use the search function but I couldn’t find any posts made on it (even though I knew there probably would be). Perhaps I simply missed it, but it’s never a bad idea to get suggested again, it just shows more interest for that particular feature, because there is no poll/voting system to prioritise features by most desired.

As Trixity pointed out, this is a very dated outlook towards Teamspeak. The devs don’t need to put all their manpower into turning TS into a text-oriented forum. I would never want that, because the reason I like TS is for its voice capabilities.

But something needs to be done, because there ARE people who will want to participate and feel part of a server’s community, but don’t necessarily want to talk all the time, or who simply can’t

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