Wrong Flag on all Teamspeak Servers!

Hi again,

So I see 3.13.5 was released, great! I joined several public servers running 3.13.5, but it still doesn’t know what country I’m from. I have waited for the server update, but no change. The IP2Location database has my IP down as United Kingdom, so why hasn’t it updated in the latest update? My location has been on that website for many months now.

This is an process that happens automatically before a server was build.
So i assume this db was updated.

But i forward that to our developers to make sure if an update was applied.



From 3.1.1 Linux to 3.13.5 Linux dont fixed the wrong flag

inetnum: -
geoloc: 55.652641 37.529029
country: RU
City Moscow
Coordinates of City 55.752220, 37.615560 (55°45’8"N 37°36’56"E)
IDD & Area Code (7) 0495

i get a Moldova flag, dunno why

on https://www.ip2location.com/demo all fine the flag with RU ( [Russian Federation]
Country information about Russian Federation [RU]
i hope u can fixed or can you give an instruction how to use the GeoIP from MAX, what exactly you have to do, e.g. which DB etc.?

Please take a Look here

i read that, did you also read my text ? :slight_smile:
from 3.1.1 Linux to 3.13.5 Linux server version it was not fixed, and I think that’s quite a few versions in between or ? :slight_smile:
TeamSpeak 3 released on January 15th, 2020 and TS3 Server 3.13.5 on 18 May 2021

Also since server release 3.13.0 9 November 2020
this is supported: New support for MMDB style GeoIP databases
But there is no exact instruction how to do this or which DB to use from MMDB.

Quoting the server_quickstart.md which can be foudn in the doc folder

  • mmdbpath (empty)
    Set to the path of an MMDB file to use this as a source for GeoIP lookups. Requires libmaxminddb installed, which can be found in most Linux distributions as a package. Windows users can use the .dll found in the redist folder.
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no i mean which DB, csv etc ( country, city )

The DB you downloaded from MaxMind.
You can use all their DB types.

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ok i wanna try this on the ts3.ini file with mmdbpath=geoip/geo.mmdb
from GeoLite2-Country_20210601

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works perfect with this DB, all fine now
start the server with ./ts3server_startscript.sh start inifile=ts3server.ini
logfile: 2021-06-07 13:13:36.632316|INFO |GeoIP | |mmdb database found and will be used for geoip lookups


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Hi, I need some help, a flag of my country doesn’t appear next to my name on TS3, could someone help me, I’ve already been banned because of that I would like to solve

Sometimes there are gaps in the geo-location data. Are you using a VPN ore somethins witch blocks you geo-location? I had that same problem once and a serverupdate fixed it for me.

Do you have this porblem on every teamspeak server ore just one?

And just a tip this is an englisch forum so please you englisch next time :smiley:

I’m having this problem on every server I log on!

I know people who only got an IPv6 address from their provider.
I could imagine that your provider only gives you an IPv6 address too and that this address is not on the hardcoded geo ip list which is integrated in the ts3 server.
This list is not up to date, that’s why ts3 servers have the possibility to use external lists.

Check on one of the whats-my-ip-address websites (e.g. https://whatismyipaddress.com/) if your provider only gives you only an IPv6 address or an IPv4 too.

I could imagine that this is the problem.

I just checked the site you gave me, it only detected ipv4, ipv6 didn’t!

Did the website detected your location correctly (at least country)?

yes detected the country correctly!

Can you please read post 3 in this thread? It explains why your flag is wrong/not recognized.


Just as I’ve mentioned it quite a year ago…

  1. Check your IP address under www.ip2location.com
  2. Contact the IP2Location support, when it’s wrong. — E-Mail: [email protected]
  3. Wait until the next month or server update for the fresh database — or you can also download the latest IP2LOC DB and use it for your server.

You can also use a IP address location database from another provider, e.g. MaxMind or anything else.

Have fun while suffering. :slight_smile:

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