You can not talk?

There are several possible reason why you can not talk.
Could be your device or settings or server permissions.

  • Make sure drivers are updated.

  • Don’t forget that some devices also have mute function and you may muted your microphone there.

  • Check your Capture and Playback settings and set the right device there.

  • Check your default Capture and Playback devices
    Especially for Windows 8.1 and newer > Check your default Communication devices.
    Try to select your device directly and not default under Tools > Options > Playback or Capture.

  • (TS3 PC client) Is there a capture or playback profile set in your bookmark?
    Please check your settings under Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Click on “Go Advanced”

  • On Windows 10 after updating to version 1803 it is required that access to your microphone is enabled.

These 2 settings must be enabled:
Microphone access for this device
Allow apps to access your microphone

The settings can be found under Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone (left side)
You can also press Windows key + R and type in ms-settings:privacy-microphone to reach that setting.

  • Have you tried to send something with Push-To-Talk/Continuous Transmissions enabled?

  • (TS3 PC client) When using Push-To-Talk make sure the key is set and the profile is active.

  • Is the slider for voice activation in your capture setting set to high? Test and move it in the local test mode.

  • Are you sure, that you channel isn’t moderated and or you have enough talk power to speak in it?
    You see a M icon in such channel and a crossed mic icon next your name

  • Check that the channel isn’t in silence mode. This happens when a lot users (differs from server server to server via server setting) are in channel.

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