Zoom out

Is there anyone by chance, who knows if it´s possible to zoom out, to see all channels of one teamspeak an once, without scrolling. Open for any suggestions :slight_smile:

I don’t know if there is any plugin, but you can do, is to put fullscreen the teamspeak client and then the others layouts like where you can see your avatar or for example down to the channels where you see the history of the people joins or exits of the server you can search the “separate line” and do it more small and you will gain space for the channels.

PD: Sorry for my level of english, i hope that you understood me.

It’s maybe possible to scale the server tree with QSS by using a custom theme. But if you just want to get an overview of the server you can simply use a third-party-tool Teamspeak Viewer.

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its okay for a little server but pointless for a big server :smiley:
for exemple: we have 1100 room , imagine all in one small picture

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