2 people on the same ip on ts3

how do i release 2 people with same ip so with different pc enter my ts3 server


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I have 2 friends who are brother and use the same net, only they can’t get into my ts server for using the same net ip

I guess you need to close this point in YatQA as Server Query.


This setting (serverinstance_pending_connections_per_ip) is for pending connections. Means a connection that is not finished yet and while another connection from same IP starts.

It does not limit how many clients with same IP can use the server.

In most cases a Firewall/Router rule manages such things.


Well first off… we need to know which error message will cause this. Is it the connection in general or does the teamspeak server deny it? I didn’t really get it.

Anway… I never had problems like these, and were anytime able to connect twice or multiple with the same IP address.

If nothing comes (e.g. only connection lost) then check your firewall or reset it somehow. This is up to you.

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