2 users in same house having audio issues

My wife and I both use teamspeak and are in the same house. When we are logged into a client a lot of the conversations between us either don’t transmit or get the ends chopped off. We can hear other people just fine and they can hear us but when either of us talk, either we can’t hear each other at all, or segments of the conversation are chopped up or lost.

Any thoughts or magic fixes?

Most importantly, what versions of TeamSpeak are you both running?


Then, good sir, I feel like this thread should explain it all -

An update in AGC has broken things for a lot of people.

This has gone on for quite some time and through several versions.

Then potentially providing that information from the get go would have led me down a different path.

Do your setups work in other communication software, properly?

I know that mine does, I have used it with Skype etc.

When we play as individuals there doesn’t seem to be any issue. I play solo a lot and no one complains they can’t hear me etc. Same for her. It just seems to happen when we are on at the same time and in the same channel. I will say I can’t hear what she has said (or that I missed part of it) and others on the channel will say they are hearing her fine. She has the same issues when I talk. (She either doesn’t hear me at all or gets bits of conversation)

User error is highly likely but I don’t know what that error is :slight_smile:

Quick question, to eliminate the possible issues. How does your internet connection cope with both of you at the same time? What I mean is, does your ping or packet loss rise?

Also, how do your microphones activate - by button, some threshold, continous transmission?

For the microphones, I push to talk, she uses voice activation.

I will need to check on the ping or packet loss. We have a pretty quick connection we have never seen any performance issues with both of us playing and the kids streaming a movie etc.

The first thing that comes to mind with voice activation is that you need to play around with the settings a bit, establish a more appriopriate threshold, change the other options available such as removing background noise, echo cancellation and reduction etc.

With push to talk, you need to keep holding for a while longer than talking, or activate the release delay option, otherwise, by logic your start and end will be cut off.