3.12 & popcnt (Solved)

Hi, Ive got this error message when updating from 3.11 to 3.12. Reading thru the “i can’t start server 3.11.0 (CPU does not have popcnt)” I got that it seems to relate to sse4. So I checked with Cpu-z, and it says I do not have SSE3. Intel thou says I do… Intel Xeon e3-1245 v5

So where is the error? Do I have it and CPU-z is wrong… Do I not have it and Intel is lying? Or is the cpu not whitelisted in Teamspeak or something?

use 3.12 server 32 bit version or 3.10.2 for this dont need the popcnt :slight_smile:

I run 3.11 x64 at this moment… That’s what strange. Some say that 3.11 also need popcnt. But that one runs fine here

Strange indeed. As INTEL says I have SSE4/SSE4.1 extension
from ark.intel…

Instruction Set Extensions Intel® SSE4.1, Intel® SSE4.2, Intel® AVX2

What Log file? The logs folder is empty

Win2016 x64

Update: I think I’ve found out something. I found a program that tells what the CPU supports and not supports. And when I run it on my server It said I didn’t have it. But my server is an VM… So I copied the program onto the VM host and run it there aswell. And lo and behold… There it comes up positive…