9 Suggestions for TS5

Hello! I would like to suggest few things for TS5 (i dont have beta access and i dont really know what is implemented already but i think its still good to suggest stuff)

  1. Support for developers to make teamspeak bots (music bots and more without having to attach teamspeak client)

  2. Screen sharing

  3. Camera sharing

  4. Custom emotes

  5. Even more advanced permission system that will for example allow to give permission for user to join singe voice channel without using a password (join it from any channel)

  6. Plugins support as it is in ts3

  7. Some more features for server owners to grow/imporve their server

  8. Chat features like other platforms have, for example chat-based channels where messages, images etc. are saved server-side so it wont disappear after some time (im missing this for a long time)

  9. Some cheap license for few more slots than default 32?


For numbers 1 and 6 it’s on the roadmap (you can view other planned features) → https://community.teamspeak.com/t/plugin-sdk/1433

  1. https://community.teamspeak.com/t/wishlist/1436/15 - it’s already been requested, vote here for the feature
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is the new teamspeak gonan work with the video screensharing like in discord becasue lot of players want quit discord also for that reason there is no privacy at all and they adding new modules or rules and lot of verifications im using teamspeak very long time and i will be happy if there will be also support for having a community lets say connected on teamspeak all the time and when the plugins will be supported on that new version they will just jump in into game room with enabled plugin so other players will see how many of us online or also screensharing make more private where you must allow to use your camera because on discord is lot of hackers and they sometimes hack lot of webcams

The All New TeamSpeak Client will become Screen Sharing for sure.
They are working on new cool stuff for the Client. :slight_smile:


What about the ts5 TFAR and ACRE plugin suport for ARMA 3

TeamSpeak is not necessarily responsible for plugin development. Arma 3 plugins are developed by private individuals.
Currently there are no Arma 3 plugins for TeamSpeak 5.

Suggestion 5 is what I most look forward to… :heart_eyes: