A Mirror site for download client

Recently some users are having difficulty downloading TeamSpeak from files.teamspeak-services.com, I’d like to provide a service as a public mirror website for it.
Would you like to provide something such as rsync or something like that to allow me to build a mirror server?

Any body here?

Yeah, we’re here… And Staff’s here as well, so you don’t need to bump your topic to the top as Staff reads the forum, even off-tops.

Regarding your question, if for over a week no one contacted you, they’re not interested. Why should they in a first place?


WOW, thats a smart reply!

In that case, I will put the address of the mirror site I built below for those who need it.
If you are a TeamSpeak staff, please contact with me

In general we are not against mirroring the downloads. As long these are not advertised in our forum, channels etc.

The main problem we have with it is that we do not want to control if these files are unmodified etc.

So mirror yes, posting them here no.


This sounds great.
So have you considered providing a way for synchronize?
Something like the package mirrors of Linux distributions, such as rsync.

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