A poll relating to the new TeamSpeak client

Good morning everyone!

Let’s start the week with a poll. I appreciate that not everyone is in the beta yet, however we just want to get a general gauge on what people think so far about the new client. Vote away and if you want to add reasons for your vote, feel free to share this.

There is no right or wrong answer, but we would appreciate your honesty here.

Also we do have another topic open currently relating to ideas you would love to see in the new client which can be found here: https://community.teamspeak.com/t/teamspeak-client-checking-in-with-everyone. This will still be open for a few more days if you want to add your say to this.

Thanks everyone.

  • I’m really enjoying it
  • I’m not so keen myself
  • Too early to judge for me
  • Waiting for beta access
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Well to be honest I have been using the beta for some while. I like way where it is going, and I’m sure you guys will make it almost perfect, but I don’t like that it uses chromium. Lots of people prefer teamspeak over discord because it is not as demanding as discord. With RAM consumption almost same as discord, less functions and tools it is worse than previous version of teamspeak. Teamspeak also has few more advantages and it is 3D audio and huge variety of addons, but I haven’t noticed those in beta and don’t know if they will come later. I use addons which utilizes potential of 3D audio pretty often and for example can be used as voice chat in some games and enchancing immersivness to new a level.


I’m really enjoying it, however, I see that it takes a long time to release functions and release the TS5 final version, and we’ve been in this beta version for a long time, I know there is a lot of work ahead, it is not easy. But … Time is money. I hope that you will soon release the beta to everyone, introduce simple functions that already exist in TS3 (Like: Playback> Options> Own client plays mic clicks) that would help a lot if you were active in TS5, change languages.

Have you thought about focusing on releasing simpler functions?

Focus totally on releasing simple functions, and then focus on the more complicated functions with more time, etc …
Simple functions, they are simple, do not take so much time and would help you to have more time for others, such as screen sharing, video calling etc …

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so far its pretty nice, i am missing atm only the Screenshare Feature ^^

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Missing only screenshare, but i still don’t understand why its using chromium. (and it should be good to know if tracking code is stripped out of chromium in teamspeak.

The TS5 client is pretty nice, I just miss the in-game overlay function from Discord. (I mean I can’t see who’s speaking while gaming. It annoys me only if I’m in a new community. )

I’ve been using TeamSpeak since 2006 and if I’m honest, I have to say that there is a lot to do on UI & features. I’m glad that you made step forward, but UI is not the best at all.

For example:

  • If user disconnects from the channel it says: Use left the channel - actually user disconnected from server.
  • Server logs are hidden and it’s pretty hard to find something useful
  • All my friends have issues with chatting on TS5, you dont clearly know to whom you’re sending message, is it PVT or public channel chat (you can easily miss type)

TBH, I though developing will be going faster (new features, improvements, …). We’ve been waiting new TS5 mobile apps for a long time.

I hope that you will improve TS5 the best as you can, I think there is a lot to do, if you want to compete with Discord. I really enjoy using TeamSpeak, wish you all the best.

I have to agree with a lot of this. Some the UI choices are not my favorite but I do see potential here if things can be tidied up. I have also been pretty disappointed at the slow pace of progress. It may not be the case, but at least externally it just feels like it isn’t really doesn’t feel like it is anywhere close to completion after a year or so of development (and many months of little communication about what exactly was going on). I was so excited for it when it was first rolled out, but then the delay with beta keys to get to trial it, and the beta itself being more of an early alpha with what I would consider core features missing, it was a bit of a let down. I was hoping by now we’d have a plugin sdk to begin working with to build stuff for the platform as well, but we’re still not there yet. Also there is plenty I’d love to upload for the TS3 Client but unfortunately due to TS5 development there are no new approvals so we’re relegated to distributing via other avenues, which isn’t the biggest deal by any means but just another point of why protracted length of development has been and continues to be disappointing.

I do like the ideas behind the TS5 client, its not terrible by any means, I think the new client can do a lot of good, but its rollout, progress, and current features have just sort of been disappointing and left it in the back of my mind rather than something I’m consistently using or super excited for. I do hope that it continues to be improved and reaches its potential.

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Thanks for all the votes everyone :slight_smile: