A question for the community

Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask the community a question which is in relation to our social media and forums potentially.

Obviously, we all want to hear about TeamSpeak updates, news and development in our content, however there will be times when we might not have TeamSpeak related things to talk about depending on what it is we’re working on at that time. (Some updates may take longer than others which could upset that frequency of posting).

The question is simple. What else would you like us to post about?

I’ve gathered several ideas about possible options for this, however I want to hear ideas and suggestions from the community as a whole as I basically want to make sure that what we do moving forward, is generally what people would like to see or indeed interact with :slight_smile:

Also for those who don’t have access to the beta and would love to join, check out this post here: Beta signup

Thanks in advance


Your artwork on istagram looks really great, that’s something you should keep. In addition to Ts5 Beta “news” and general updates for Ts³, Ts5 and android, you can also use Twitter to show you how things are going and how you manage things at TeamSpeak. It might also be interesting,
just like Bohemia Interactive did, to tell something about you, who is behind TeamSpeak. Is just an idea.


My time to shine…
Simple question, but there’s so much to work on if we’re being honest.

Over the years we were promised a lot of Twitch live streams from the Office which sadly never seem to have happened, so I hope that we will see some of them in the next couple of months. There’s so much TeamSpeak can do when it comes to live streams, for example; Community Talks, Dev Streams, Gaming Streams, Collecting Feedback, etc… Twitch already provides so many cool chat features and fun stuff you can do with your community, so it won’t hurt taking a look at it. If you need any help with Twitch stuff I’ll be more than happy to volunteer.

Honestly, YouTube is a little bit tricky. You shouldn’t rush to release content on YouTube, so the team should take the time they need to create quality content that people actually want to watch. When it comes to content, I personally, would like to see some IRL (In Real Life) stuff. TeamSpeak is old, why not show us more background of the company? Who’s behind everything? Who are the people that made TeamSpeak what it is today?. Videos like these would explode since they are very Interesting/Informative and would definitely show way more transparency towards the community.
Maybe create one big YouTube video for the 20th anniversary… :eyes:

YouTube videos shouldn’t become a common thing. We don’t need daily/weekly uploads, so you should try uploading some quality content each month so it’s something special and the community will be excited for each and every video you’ll upload on the channel.

We definitely need updated versions of the “All-New TeamSpeak” trailer and the tutorials you made. Not only because of the new logo (that I love) but also due to the new chat system and some small changed that were made in the client.

Side note:
I’d like to mention the post I made in October, please consider taking a look at it
~ The video showcased in the dashboard

I’m truly surprised how the Tweets have Improved in the last couple of months, props for that.

Two questions,

  1. What happened to Sponsor Sunday?
  2. When will we get the Call of Duty League Badge?

Now, I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh when I say this, but please, break out of your small bubble.

I’ve never understood the strategy you are using on Social Media (If you have one). The only time we hear from you (TeamSpeak) on any Socia Media is when you post, reply to some comments under your own tweets, or (rarely) when you get mentioned somewhere.

Break the bubble, step out of the TeamSpeak circle, and start networking on Social Media. You are following more than 600 people on Twitter yet you guys are not interacting with almost any of them. Among those 600 people are very popular Internet/eSports personalities which could give TeamSpeak a ton of exposure…

I generally would like to see more interaction not only with the TeamSpeak Community but also with the other side of Twitter. I hate to say this, but there are so many people that forgot about TeamSpeak and don’t even know that it exists anymore, but you can’t really blame these people since other competitors in the VoIP scene are very active on Social Media and people stumble upon them instead of TeamSpeak.

The Instagram wall is imposing and I think a lot of people like it. I always looked at Instagram as the platform to show your followers IRL (In Real Life) pictures, maybe you can somehow manage to split it between TeamSpeak, Gaming, and Real Life pics. A lot of people would actually like to see some office pictures or some funny stories/live streams.

I personally don’t use Facebook, but I think it should have some exclusive content on it and not the same stuff that is posted on Twitter.

~ Thanks for reading ~
The text written above is my opinion and yours might differ from mine, so please respect it.

I have dedicated so much time of my life to the Internet/Social Media since I basically grew up with it. I know there’s a huge age gap, not only between users in the TeamSpeak Community but also between the TeamSpeak Employees and the Community, so if you really want to move on, especially with time, then please consider some of the points that I have mentioned in this post. Zoomers are powerful, please change for the good and show this generation how amazing TeamSpeak and its Community is.

I love TeamSpeak and only want the best for our community, I hope some of you will agree with me and think about some of the stuff I wrote… And maybe even like this post :eye: :lips: :eye:


Thanks for the feedback!


A lot of points here, but all very valid points. Thanks for sharing your feedback on this.


wow i am really impressed. I can agree 100%. I love TeamSpeak and that’s what TeamSpeak needs in these times when real competition is forming.


Realy nice Feedback. :slight_smile:
100% i agree


announcements RSS pls

Any update is better than no update (as in: total silence). In terms of forum activity I would suggest in times of longer update development a weekly notice that, while there is no news about the release of an update, it is still actively worked on, maybe with a rough estimate of development process in percentage.


Good suggestion! I’m open to doing that.


Very good feedback! I am of the same opinion.

  • @SYOX, hopefully we’ll see each other on this team one day and can improve it :sweat_smile: :fire: