A server of a friend got attacked

I noticed that Teamspeak seems to be very vulnerable to external hacker attacks.

What exactly do you mean by hacker attacks?

Hacker attack from other computers on Teamspeak Server, where certain functions are impaired.

Hello, impossible if the server permissions are configured correctly, the server versions are very secure.


It’s not the server of a friend ist not safe or secure.

it has to be more specific. ddos attack?

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Hacking? You say Hacking but got no proof of concept or told us at all what you mean with that.

Please give us more details?

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Yes, as I said, I’m afraid the respective Teamspeak server of a friend of mine is just not secure and is unfortunately always hacked all the time and that was also freely chosen in the past because he and another friend of his were locked out of the server and once Then at some point I got a message whenever I entered the event server that I was insulted by the respective hacker who hacked him.

Hacking a TeamSpeak server is, as @Karazhan has already mentioned, almost impossible.

It’s important that the TeamSpeak server has the latest version and all permissions are carefully set.
What do you mean by a hack?
If the alleged hacker gained access to server admin rights through query access or via the client itself, something is definitely set wrong in the permissions of the server.

What I mean by that is that there is a hacker in our country in Germany who is based in Berlin and in the past he has often somehow managed to gain access to our Teamspeak server via one of us and then mostly manipulated him in such a way, that one of us then always plays weird music that was directed against me and is supposed to bully me in some way or the language system so bad that you can hardly hear me as the only one, although everything is well adjusted with the sound.

So at least it’s not a hacker attack.

A client cannot control what sounds/music another client plays, even with all permissions, unless it is a bot that can be controlled via chat commands, for example.

Honestly, it’s not possible that you can hardly be heard as the only client if everything is set correctly on your end.
I would only understand it if all of them were hardly audible. The only other possibility I could think of would be that the “hacker” changed the audio codec of the channel, causing some people to be barely audible/understandable, while others are audible/understandable just fine.


If so, how can you change this codec so that I can be heard again?

Depending on which client you use:

TeamSpeak 3 Client: Right click on the respective channel -> Edit Channel -> Audio -> Custom Settings -> Codec

TeamSpeak (5) Client: Right click on the respective channel -> Edit -> Audio Codec

I recommend the codec Opus Voice.

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