A way to donate to a server to help it keep running

Kinda like nitro on discord but instead, when the owner of the server needs to pay for the server it can get a discounted price/be already paid off by donations within the TeamSpeak client.

This makes it easier as donating through TeamSpeak would feel a lot of secure and it would boost the number of servers available.

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I don’t think this would be possible as long as servers are not all hosted by TeamSpeak (not gonna happen). And here is why:
As a Server Owner you have to pay either:

  • a VPS / root server (hardware infrastructure)
  • a license for TS server over 32 slots
  • a server hosted by a 3rd party provider

Thus it is not possible to have a universal support / donation service.
I guess every server owner is responsible for their own funds. You could always collect money via services like PayPal, CashApp or similar.
This is not TeamSpeak’s fault but just what comes with self hosted servers.


Maybe the feature could be only for TeamSpeak run servers?

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For the longest time, TeamSpeak said that it was not okay to even have a donation button unless you had a licensed server either by renting one or by obtaining a license yourself cause this was considered “commercial” use of the software.

Actually, me having entered my PayPal details in StreamLabs “just for the fun” of being able to have donation messages pop up in my streams although nobody ever uses that is the sole reason I even have an otherwise useless payed 32 slots license for my server which has maybe 15 concurrent users at most.

I don’t think donations and TeamSpeak go together unless you are a major promoter like a big eSports team and are in a good position to negotiate with the sales department.