A way to have only one person talking at a time in a channel

We, as well as some other servers, use teamspeak for GTAV RP, specifically for radio comms while roleplaying as a first responder. Because it is difficult to do radio transmissions when one or more officers are transmitting over each other, making it difficult for dispatch to understand what is going on. IRL when you talk on a radio, only one person can talk at a time, so it would be great if a plugin or feature was added where we can facilitate this.

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How about a channel with talkpower. The host has enough power to talk and if someone else wants to talk you give them talk power. If he’s finished remove it and give it to another person

Negative, due to the fact that it is being used as an actual radio, with time being of the essence. There is not enough time to grant/take away talk power, I have looked into that. What I’m thinking of is more of a way that when one person’s push to talk is activated, another person cannot talk until that officer has finished his radio transmission and released his push to talk key.

I have been asking for this for TeamSpeak (not even for GTAV RP) since 2013. A permission that allows for a channel to be set where no one can speak over others.

It would mimic real life radio systems that blocks a user from speaking when someone else is on the queue.

There are plugins out there already.
Search the web for teamspeak task force radio.

(originally made for the ArmA series)

Investigated that. It’s not easily applicable to the situation others are seeking. Installation Docs I have read for it require some files to go into an ARMA3 game directory?

And there definitely is not anything publicly available. In all my years of TeamSpeak I know of only two servers that have made something to the extent we are explaining with far more wanting the feature.

Unless I am mistaken.

How many people do you know asking for this?


I know dozens of people that have been asking for this feature, perhaps even hundreds.

If you say you know ”dozens, perhaps even hundreds of people” then maybe introduce them here…

I don’t know how other people think, but if someone says to me that knows someone that knows someone and so on, and so on, then in my opinion this person is, sorry for this word, dumb. Or just thinks is better than everybody else.

Sorry for saying this, but I had to. And sorry if I offended you, cause I never wanted that.

Have a nice day.

I’ve not heard anyone mention it that’s why I ask. I’ll go through the forum and make a list of the top most requested server features and see what I can convince the devs to implement. :shushing_face:


I’ll second that - the more feedback we get, the better (we read everything!)


Alright, I’ll attempt to get them on here.

I could see benefits in this feature, since I use TS for REAL radio-communication between radio-repeaters etc. Its not really a ‘missing-feature’ that I need, but could get handy in some cases.

+1 from me.

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