Ability to text chat in channels without joining them

Please add the ability to text chat in channels without joining them, like Discord.


I don’t see the purpose of this?
Why do you need read peoples text chat, if you’re not voice chatting with them?


To be like Discord where you don’t have to enter a channel to post in it. Ie, your text/images could relate to the channel name / topic, but not necessarily the one you are in.


In Discord, text and voice channels are two different things. There is no text channel that goes with a voice channel. They are completely independent.

In TeamSpeak 3, each channel comes with a voice chat and a text chat. Both are tied to the channel. You can only use them when you are in that particular channel.

That’s actually part of TeamSpeak’s privacy concept. Only the people you see in the voice channel can see the text chat. Nobody else can join and read your messages without you noticing. You always know who receives the messages.

Those are two different concepts for two different pieces of software.


neither could I have said better :slight_smile:

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I hope that this is going to be part of the tutorial for new users because it’s important to understand that Discord and TeamSpeak although they look similar have different concepts.

Discord is heavily text based. You are automatically in all the text channels you have access to and you are automatically in all the text channels on all the servers you joined. But you are not in any voice channel by default. You explicitly have to connect to a voice channel if you want to participate in voice communication.

TeamSpeak on the other hand is heavily voice based. You are automatically in a voice channel when you connect to a server. There is no way to avoid that. TeamSpeak assumes that you are probably there to speak to someone. The text chat is only an addendum to the voice channel you are already in, for the main purpose of sharing text information that is relevant to the ongoing voice conversation.

The cloud based group chats added in TeamSpeak 5 have been slapped on top of this existing system to compensate for the lack of independent text channels which are the main focus of the competitor.

But it’s still just an “extra” feature. The base architecture of the TeamSpeak server remains largely unchanged at this point, and this includes the server based chats which still work the way they always did.

I understand why people get confused by this though. TeamSpeak (5) sort of “mimics” something people are already used to, but it’s really not the same thing.


Yes and one of them has most of the market share. It’s not Teamspeak.

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There is a server chat still isn’t there?

I get what you mean though. I think it would be cool.

its need but only for staff announcement not for guests…
regular users dont have to write in server chat.
(not a forum and it would be annoying, there is other software for this purpose like dc or forums)
but for admins/owners good to annuance something for users.

oh and ability to text chat in channels without joining them is not a good idea i strongly reject it, rooms is private sphere , you can only be there and talk to those who belong there its good and need this. who has nothing to do with this room why bothering them. if you want to talk just write on them and they will let you in if they want to.
This still teamspeak not dc . :smiley:

I guess it depends on if Teamspeak wants market share or not.

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dc is a forum, ts is ts :smiley:
two separate things.
there is privacy, but on dc is not.
that’s why i love ts.

This is a nice idea but if it would’ve been accessible only by server admins/moderators and only them, and only on unencrypted channels. If a channel is encrypted then sorry, only global server chat, no “stalking”.

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Well, there is one.

What would you rather do if you had to make some notable changes to few channels?

Would you send a server message which some people don’t care about and telling everyone what your going to do? Not everyone needs to know.

Would you enter every channel by itself and send the same message multiple times so you can get to everyone that might get involved? And possibly switch to wrong channel and share info before noticing your error.

Or would you send one message to few selected channels about what you’re going to do? Without any problem, to whoever you need to.

I know it’s only a example and it might not show anything that may happen, but still, what if it does?

That’s why I think this sort of ability should exist, but ONLY! for admins/mods and ONLY! on unencrypted channels. Or even better, admins can send messages but are unable to read what others are saying, so no one can say that someone is spying on them, cause it would require admin to enter the same channel as said person.

You could also for example warn whole channel that some user in there or even whole group might get banned if there’ll be one more report.

That’s my point on it and I know I repeated few things from last post but I wanted to show few examples and expand my thoughts without editing anything.

Thank you for reading.

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