Abilty to use special characters from character table in names


i just started yesterday to look into the ts5 beta… and it looks great so far but one point disturbs me…
im using teamspeak since TS2… and for more than 10 jears im using this special charater in my name
†RÄUMER but ts5 client want take it… if i want to change the nickname via ts5 client (settings/account) after typing in my password … it says (Critital error)… so i cant change my name… it works temporarily if i set a nickname when im connectet to a server… but its anoying to change it after every restart… would be great if we get abilty to use such special characters… the character table is available in every win OS…
thanks :upside_down_face:

The system to rename yourself is temporarily disabled. It’s not known yet, when it will be possible to change your nickname again.
There are/were technical reasons why they had to disable it


You can change the name you connect with in the bookmark settings. It is independent from the Account name (which you currently can’t change as @Rikku said already)


ahh ok… there is the problem… thank you for your response guys :kissing_heart:

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