About having a list of all forum users

I start looking around if there is somewhere in the forum a way to have a list of all people. I found you can check by looking at TeamSpeak, but sadly if give me ACCESS DENIED :sweat_smile:

I actually don’t know if I’m looking on the wrong part or if you guys disabled this function.
If you disabled it, can we at least know why? :smile:

@Adam @TS_Chris @TS.ChrisR

YOu should get something like this:

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As some kind of workaround you may have a look at: Basic badge on TeamSpeak

I don’t see any reason for you to need this, it’ll just end up with people scraping usernames for no reason.

Since it was a Discouse feature I was only curious why can’t we use it :thinking:

I believe it was turned off for this very reason.


Might be worth disabling people listed under who has X badge too:

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Oh, yes, I once did such a thing. And you write the right information. I agree with you, that’s honest.

it is probably best for everybody to not have access to that info