About language support

Hello there,
why don’t you have Turkish language support?

Well, because none was able to finish this case at the moment.
Many languages are not supported. But you can write your own translation.

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client\translations


@MCG Is there anything like video that I can use about how to do it, I researched on the internet but I couldn’t find anything?

You can find the translation templates here. I am not sure if the 3.2.3 files still work with the current 3.5.3 client version. That’s a question @TS.ChrisR should be able to answer.

You certainly need to use a newer version of QT Linguist than mentioned in the readme. I personally have never used the program, but I’d probably try this: Release Qt Linguist 5.12.0 · lelegard/qtlinguist-installers · GitHub

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I want to translate and confirm the words, should I do that?

I never used Qt Linguist, but I assume that this is how you use the application. The readme seems to be fairly straight forward and easy to follow.

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Where can I find the translate template to the new client?