About latest teamspeak badge "Happy Fathers Day!"

Hey guys, nice to meet you guys once again. Today I have a very unfair problem. You may notice a new badge came out called “Happy Fathers Day 2022” and is
(Available until: 02.06.2022 & 26.06.2022). We all know today’s 2022.6.16 and the badge will expire in 2022.06.26. And I was super hyped bout’ this badge and I tried to redeem it. But it says “Invalid Code”. Also the badge information section says that it will stays until 2022.06.26 and today is 16th. Why I can’t redeem it?

So this is my problem. Feel free to leave me an answer here!

That’s not entirely true. The badge was available from 26.05.2022 to 02.06.2022 and will be redeemable again from 19.06.2022 to 26.06.2022.

So you will get another chance to redeem it.

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Ohh thanks!

Excuse me @Cornelius ,
Today’s 19th and just now I tried to redeem Happy Father’s Day Badge and It ain’t working still. Keeps saying Invalid Code.

Well the day is still long. If it still doesn’t work, you would have to write to the SocialMedia team.

Badge has been re activated till June 26th.

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Thank you for your response ChrisR. Really appreciate brother. I got it!
@everyone, the badge is back and I hope you guys will enjoy this badge till June 26th.

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