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Hello, I think I’m having to obtain licenses in Turkey but he’s shutting down the license taken from turkey why?


Without further information no one can help you, and I don’t really understand who shut down your license/take your license?

If you click on the Help & Support tab at the bottom right of the screen, this will allow you to send an email directly to the support team so they can explore this further for you.

You might need to go into a bit more detail however so the team can give you the best possible reply. (For example, do you have an existing license? Has somebody stolen the license)?

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I do not have a license yet, but I am considering purchasing it.
Why did a few months after receiving the license number illegally from Turkey?
If there is such a situation, I will never buy it.

It’s because a lot of server that show a license never had any.
Then they get blacklisted.

That does not happen when you buy one.

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