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What exactly is the purpose of MyTeamSpeak? I guess it should keep the data logged. I reset my computer and logged into my MyTeamSpeak account on TeamSpeak 3 Client, but none of my settings were registered. (I mean my perms on servers) Is this a problem ? Or am I not recording anything? out of badges

MyTS saves all your data, bookmarks, badges, identities… maybe you logged in to the wrong MyTS.

No. The account I’m logged into is correct, but nothing stops

have you turned on account features?


Yes this is automatic

Question is: “if that setting was enabled before the reset?”.
Else the identity you had before is gone and it’s permissions with that.

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Where are these permissions given? I’ve logged in via TeamSpeak 5 Client and my ID appears there. How can I download my ID from TS5?

So, you are telling that all your permissions on your identities appeared on ts5?


This is how it looks in the TS3 client when I enter my MyTeamSpeak account. (This is a newly created id- automatic)


The id before the Buddha Reset. So my main ID appears on TeamSpeak 5. How can I get id from TS5

Settings → Identities

This just gets the id. I want to download the full id. I will download from TS5 and upload to TS3

I don’t see an export button on TS5.
Try to sign out from ts3 MyTS, then turn on Account features on automatic and log in again.
It should restore all saved data.

I already tried this, it didn’t help

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