About the International Forum

Welcome to the new International forum!

This area has been added to the forums based on popular demand. In relation to our existing forum topics outside of this section and our business/update announcements, this will all still be in English so we don’t duplicate our posts and so forth, however within the international forums, the community can discuss all things TeamSpeak in their native languages as we do appreciate that sometimes, translations don’t always come across the right way or how we want to express ourselves.

What I would like to see with posts in this area is if we can tag our posts to also mention our languages (I appreciate this is probably easy to identify, but it’s to help the search functionality as this area grows larger).

If this is your first visit to the forums in general, please take 5 minutes to run through our forum tutorial, and familiarize yourself with our FAQ/Etiquette Guide: https://community.teamspeak.com/faq

Everything else should be self explanatory, however if you’re unsure of anything or have any suggestions on what you would like to see on the forums moving forward, feel free to DM me and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can

Stay safe everyone



Merci, bon succès!


Köszönjük :smiley:

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Saol, bol şanslar

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Konuyu çevirdim ama bişi anlamadım :smiley: translate nası çeviriyorsa artık.

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شكراً :smiley:

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I had to add a single post to describe the new area :rofl:


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Спасибо :+1:

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