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I am installing JTS3ServerMod on my website. I activate telnet. Then I get bot unknown error. I have posted the error image below. I would be grateful if anyone knows the solution to this error and can share it with me.

So I see no error message here.
It says the feature has been activated successfully.
And no error is counted at the top of the Warning/Error Count either. Does the function you activated work on the server?

Edit: Try to recreate the Bot maybe this will solve your Problem.

As i mentioned in the other site that you asked too!

This screenshot doesn’t really show something usefull. There could be many reasons.

  • Have you started the bot instance?
  • Have you set the connection details in the bot?
  • Have you set the instance settings correctly?
  • Have you opened the required ports (if ts and bot are in different machines)?
  • When you go in “Query Interface” in the panel does it show a successfull connection?

I reinstalled the bot but still the same. The bot does not appear to be logged into the Server on Yatqa.

Everything is set. Bot not seen entering server on Yatqa

Obviously, something is broken. Either the connection info are wrong or you have skipped a part of the installation.

I can send you the server information if you want. Can you check it for me?

If you want to, sure, i could check it.
Be careful about sending login info, make sure not to post them publicly.

I sent you the information via private message

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