Access only to certain channel

How do I set it under TS rights that a user has access to channel A with power 50, but not in channel B with power 45? Wasn’t there a setting that you only get access with a certain power? If I want to go with power 45 in the channel A, it should not work, however with power 50. Thought one must set i_channel_join_power ; i_channel_needed_join_power on the same power same

Needed join power must be higher than user’s join power.
And user is not allowed to have skip permission enabled.

So you deny a channel join with power.



so I have it, above is the user and below is the channel. But would like to have it so that this user for example does not come into a channel with power 40, only in this channel with power 45

You don’t set join power into channel and you don’t set needed join power on user/groups.

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but there are only the rights, which can be seen on the picture. Something like join power into channel does not exist.

On channel your only set i_channel_needed_join_power
On user or group you set i_channel_join_power

But you do not set both permissions on a user or channel! This will kill the permissions check completely.

Now user with join power 45 can join any channel where needed join power is 45 or lower.
But can not join a channel where needed join power is 46 or higher.

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