Account login on Sales doesn't work

Hello everybody. Could it be that the page is somewhat incorrect? I’m logged in and can only log out but when I want to buy a license I’m told “I shouldn’t register” I click on login at the top and it says I’m logged in. The attempt to purchase a license is not possible and the support is not available I just don’t understand the situation. After saying twice that I would like to buy a license, the page keeps pointing out that I only need 128 slots and for one year. But where do I order them if the page doesn’t work?

The site to buy a license is
Once you’ve created an account and the logged in, you’ll see your account details on the left and a drop down menu on the right, where you can choose the license type. After choosing the type you can select the maximum number of users / servers for the license. Then you can proceed to the order process.

Have you Read ??? I can´t login with my data . He say , is not correct. But when i go , Forgot Password say it , No Found this name " Incorregt . And when i go to new account say it , This Email is exist " You Know . ?

I can login by , and see on this site my account with email and name and twitch account . Its all perfekt but on this site say it , no your account is incorregt

I tried but you’ve explained it poorly and confusing (to me).

These accounts are not the same. On the sales site you’ll get a password emailed which you then can use to login.

I want to enter my email

This email already exists

Then you need to use the forgot password button with the right username or create a new account with a new email.

My English is not exactly perfect because I come from Germany. But if you want, we can contact you via Discord and I’ll stream everything to you

No he say , The Email not Exist xD "

As Leon wrote the account for (also this forum) are not the same as on

This is why login and password reset won’t work.

You must register a new account on the sales page.


We’ve managed to solve the issue :slight_smile: