Account Page is empty and i get asked for Recovery key

topic moved. had nothing to do with beta 66

It would seem that my “Manage” tab has gone missing since the last update.
Anyone else had this issue? It’s impossible to create a new recovery key now, and i had to use the one i had :frowning:
Would be nice if a new one was automatically generated after a correct key is provided on request, so we don’t have to remember (or forget) to create a new one manually.
Any help would be appreciated, i can’t even log out since the option was in the now-missing Manage tab.


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You can create a new Recovery Key in the TeamSpeak 3 Client too. :slight_smile:

Maybe a clean uninstall and a Reinstall of the Client would help you to solve your problem.

I dont have this issue. :open_mouth:

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It’s fine here.

From what i see and what you describe is that you are not logged in or are in state where you must use your recovery key.

If the correct one was provided then there won’t be a new key because the old one stays valid.


@TS.ChrisR You are correct.
I tried editing profile picture and was immediately prompted to use a recovery key.
But there was now a new issue, even though i was providing the correct key, and received a success message, i would be prompted to provide a new key immediately after… this would loop infinitely.
I had to restore from local data, hopefully the new key won’t create any issues.

@Rikku i thought to do exactly so, but it seems my ts3 version was too old, probably the reason why i ran into trouble to begin with… I have updated and both seem to be running just right now!

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