Action on moving people

In TS5 moving people will appear a lot of sound of “user was move to you channel” just like automatically move ONE BY ONE
But in TS3 you will have only ONE all together.
This is very annoying if people are moved together. Is it possible to move everyone at once, instead of one after another?

For me, both clients play the sound only once.
And it is equally possible to move multiple users simultaneously in both clients.

move multiple users

strange, for me when i select all clients and move. They will move one by one. same with the sound

One by one was in older beta version. Are you sure you are on latest beta (66 atm)?

Can not reproduce what was reported.


Yeah it is 5.0.0-beta66



check the connection status , its seems bad on your gif…
maybe high ping or packet loss cause this :thinking:

Good catch.

The ping for your client is high and this could explain it.


But Teamspeak 3 doesn;t have that problem

my ping was 209ms btw