Add a way to change passwords for own logins

Hello, I accept that you want to remove the telnet, but please improve the command ./ start serveradmin_password =.

Today we can only change the password serveradmin.

We created our own C | DBID, The problem is that to change the password we can only do it by telnet the command ./ start serveradmin_password does not work with another C | DBID


What you mention here is not a Telnet command. It’s a start parameter and independent from Server/WebQuery. It just overwrites a value in the database.

At this point the password for own query login is auto generated and can only be changed (auto generate a new password) by updating the own login name.

Can not say if that will ever change, but will bring that on developers table.


Thanks, I know the Telnet command, clientsetserverquerylogin client_login_name = #

If telnet is no longer supported in the next version it would be good if the launch command (./ start serveradmin_password =) can modify the C | DBID

Dropping the support does not mean that we remove it.
You need to use SSH or the Webquery instead of using a Telnet connection. This is all that does change.


It would be nice if you can create your own service like YaTQA (Panel) Like on TS2