Add contact from chats

Hi, when we tag a contact in a chat when we right clic on the @[USERNAME] it show “Add as contact” (even if he and I are contact) image

How do you get the interaction menu? When someone is tagged in chat and I right click on them, I don’t get the interaction menu. Only through the server events or directly through the chat partner I have the possibility to interact with someone, however, I can not confirm your problem. For me, the option to add to the contact list does not appear if the person is already in my contact list.

I made some tests, and yes it only works in private chats, not groups. But in groups, it show “Add as contact” only if the user isn’t already in the contact list

Oh, I see it now too. You are right.

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That shouldn’t be there.
Forwarding this issue to our devs.