Add Contacts on ts5

hi, TeamSpeak Team

i was on the ts 5.0.0-beta45.2 version with a friend and tried to add him to my contacts but as i clicked on ‘‘Add to Contacs’’ the window just closes.

After that i tried to add him by his Name in to my Contacs[…]

i waited for about 2-3 minutes but his Name just disappeared, i tried to add 2 other guys but had the same problem.
Hope you can get something with that Information.

Best Regards,

Have you tried to add him via his chat ID?

For this there are two possibilities how this can be:

Your friend can find the chat ID in the client under Settings -> Account or by clicking on his name in the lower left corner.

How do i use the contact system in TS5? when i click add contact and type somebodys name it says failed to resolve contact.

First the username then a @ and then the domain where username can be reached from.

Like [email protected]


Are you able to add contact who do not have a teamspeak account, using their unique ID. Currently a high number of users won’t have an account as they were not required for ts3, and some could not want one for security. These would just be one way contacts like ts3 had

Leading on from this is the “Buddy joined your channel” notification still in ts5

Currently you cannot access the Beta without a valid Account that has the Beta Badge

I know that but if you are on the beta you can still access servers which users with ts3 can use who do not require an account. I would like to add ts3 users who do not have accounts as contacts.

I imagine when they have finished Beta and release teamspeak 5 officially the requirement for an account may be removed like ts3, so adding these people without an account as friends would be good.

Without an account that is in our system chat will not work.

If someone wants TS Chat contacts then myTS is and stays an requirement.
We may remove the requirement but then client can not use all functions that need an account.


Yeah I wasn’t wanting it for chat I was just wanting it to be able to identify when contacts join your channel in a server, like ts3 does when buddies join. So these users without an account wouldn’t have any of the normal accounts functionality. They would be effectively server contacts