Add Direct Sound for audio

There is a known problem with TS and sound interfaces for condenser microphones where you have a disturbed qualitiy with windows audio session and the quality is clear with Direct Audio. This setting option should be in the new TS aswell.
When doing that, it would be nice to fix the bug where you get a bigger input lag over time with Direct Audio setting.

Direct Sound is a deprecated part of Windows and so we also do not longer use it or have plans to use it.


But someone really has to take care of that. TS3 microphone mode auto and Windows Audio Session both turn my voice into a robot when I use VoiceMod. The people at VoiceMod cannot change that, because the voice is transmitted correctly. Teamspeak seems to get something wrong with that. Direct Sound is the only mode that fixes it. The disadvantage is that there is an extreme delay after a while. There must be a way to receive the audio signal correctly. As nice as the new Teamspeak is, but I won’t be able to use it like that

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