Add password in channel invite

If you invite people to your own channel, which is password protected, it should be possible that the password is skipped, otherwise you connect in the default channel of the server.


Good idea!

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Skipping password will not be added for invites and password for invite is already possible.
The client will get parameters for join and when you do not give him a password he will not use a password.

That’s the way


I know that already. That’s how it is in TS3. However, I meant that if I right click on a channel in TS5 and then go to “Invite Client”, the password should also be added there in the invitation link.

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For better explanation I have created a GIF here.


As you can see, you do not connect in the password-protected channel, you connect in the default channel of the server.

Otherwise the function is useless for the channel invite.

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