Add permisions for spacer

Hello, first sorry for my english.

My idea is add to permission what can allow people create (rename channel to) spacer, now we can’t allow permission b_channel_create_permanent or i_needed_modify_power_channel_modify_name because they gonna create spacer.

It is simple, people without this permission can’t use “spacer” in name of channel.

Have a nice day!

Hi rdim.

That can not happen because there is no difference to a channel or a spacer. Both are a normal channel.
Only the Client UI shows a channel like a spacer when a name and permanent and root level does match.

You need to make sure your users only can create a sub channel to avoid that or as you mentioned don’t let them create permanent channels.

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Yeah, thats what I talking.

Why isn’t posible make permission, which will check people if they write in channel name “spacer”. If they don’t have permission write error.

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