Adding b_client_ignore_antiflood to admin while creating virtual server


I am getting below error on TeamSpeak.

use sid=1
msg=client\sis\sflooding' (status 'id=524')

Some forums suggest giving the TeamSpeak Client the b_client_ignore_antiflood permission.

Is it okay to provide the admin with b_client_ignore_antiflood permission?

Thank you

You got a reply in our ticket system with the command you needed.

Example command for your issue. XX must be replaced with the right Group ID.

servergroupaddperm sgid=XX permsid=b_client_ignore_antiflood permvalue=1 permnegated=0 permskip=1

Or you can add your IP into the query_ip_whitelist.txt to ignore spam protection.

To add the permission to more than one group you can use the servergroupautoaddperm comamnd.

Type help servergroupautoaddperm to see how the command works


I mean he kinda asked whether it was safe and not what he should do.
So to fully answer the question, yes adding the permission is perfectly fine.

Thank you, that was I looking for


I am still having issues even after adding the b_client_ignore_antiflood permission.

The issue happens randomly during the virtual server creation, A virtual server will be created via script when the client requests.

If I delete the virtual server and performed the same commands it will be okay.

Is there anything I could try to prevent happening this?

Thank you

Any help is much appreciated

unfortunately, the issue happens randomly. the same script is executed while every new service is created but sometimes the error occurs

Does increasing the tick points during the server creating will help the situation?