Adding domain to server

Hi, I am struggling to connect to our server using our domain name. Followed your guide with the A record and SRV: Teamspeak Support - Using Your Own Domain Name To Connect

Reason why we need the SRV is that we rent a server from a Gamehost and our Teamspeak3 server IP have a port as well (10005).
I am able to reach the server in the Teamspeak whit the A-record and adding the port at the end,
I.ex.: “ts.domainname:10005”

When only trying the domain name I am told by Ts3 client to enter a password.
I do not think my setup @domainhost is incorrect. The game host (4Players) tell me to ask in this forum. The domainhost support tells me that the setup should be correct regarding the Temspeak link above.

Heres a screenshot from the DNS domain dashboard:

All feedback is appreciated.

Kind regards,