Admin Server Query messed up

Hello, someone has changed the powers of the admin server query authority on my server and I am currently having a problem by yatqa how can I fix this problem I have an old server backup, but because I created new servers, they will be deleted in the old backup.

Note:I wrote this article in translation from another country, I don’t know how accurately I told it, sorry in advance :frowning:

The only way to fix this is to use a backup of the Database when this was fine.
There is no supported way around this when the ServerQuery admin permissions got messed up.

The English of the translation was fine.

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What do you mean by database and delete new servers in this setting November?

The database where every server and their user and permissions are stored in.
By default it is the file with name ts3server.sqlitedb in root folder.

Or the table in MariaDB / MySqL / PostgreSQL when you did choose to use any of these.

Yes. It will set anything to the state from the time when the backup was made.
This only excludes uploaded files.

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