Advanced Keybindings

I have been using TeamSpeak 3 for a number of years now, and one of the defining features that I enjoy it for is the freedom it gives you to customize permissions, install addons, download themes, and bind keys to a multitude of features.

So naturally, the beta for TeamSpeak 5 has me excited, and although I enjoy the TS3 client, I think it brings a needed modernization of TeamSpeak. With this said, there is one of the features I mentioned above that is missing, and that is the Advanced Keybindings.

The “Hotkey Setup Dialog” that can be found under "Tools > Options > Hotkeys > Add > Show Advanced Actions" Gives you a slew of options for keybindings

The Key Bindings tab under settings in TS5 gives you a much smaller set of keybindings to choose from

Switching between my desk microphone and my wireless headset with a mere press of a button is such a good QOL feature. Losing the “Toggle Capture Profile” keybinding strips this from TS5 and I can’t help but stick with the old client. Maybe you have invested in VR and would like to toggle the playback device between the VR goggles and your headset? Maybe you jump between channels and servers often and want to set keybindings to do this? You can do all that and much more with the TS3 client, and I would love to see this implemented to the TS5 client as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions


Any news on this? I can’t use TeamSpeak 5 at all currently due to it lacking the option of creating new keybinds. Having keybinds for things other than the defaults is a requirement for what I use TeamSpeak for.

How has TS5 been lacking this option for this long…? This seems like it should be a basic feature.

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I checked last time a few weeks ago, and the feature was still missing then. Personally I still haven’t switched over simply due to this, it really is a shame it’s missing.

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I need an hotkey to switch to 1 server to another like ts3

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