After installing Catalina TS 3 always has the error "could not open layback device"

Hello everybody,

Since I updated to Catalina my TS3 client is working but for my microphone an speaker i gett the message “Error opening playback device: could not open playback device” This message appears what ever driwer setting i chose. Neither my webcam nor my universal audio interfac cant be used without getting this message. Same for my universal audio interfac as speakers or my mac mini internal speakers. In all other applications everything works fine so it must be TS 3 related. Cann anybody help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

Deactivated devices do have one of following reasons:

  • The selected Playback or Capture device is not availabe
    –> check your client Settings and select the right device or set Default as the device
    –> check your OS settings
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Check your privacy settings

i have microphone acess allowed as well as full disk and accessibility so it should in genral work I guess.